Step One – Download and Open Blender with PyClone

If you want to use PyClone with Blender you need to download the custom build of Blender that is located here.

After downloading the zip file extract it to a location on your hard drive that you have administrative rights to.

In the folder that you extracted open the blender.exe file to open Blender.

Make sure you have rights by right clicking on the exe and selecting Run as administrator.

Step Two – Add the PyClone Workspace and Enable Add-ons

Now that we have Blender open we need to add the PyClone workspace at the top of the interface. Once I add it I prefer to reorder it to the front because it is the most common workspace I use.

Now we need to activate PyClone and the library add-ons.

Go to Edit > Preferences… then select the add-on tab.

First enable the PyClone Add-on. It is important to enable this first because it is responsible for registering the libraries.

Next enable the Home Builder and Toybox Libraries.

Optionally, you can enable the Interface Splitter add-on I find this useful to quickly open different spaces when working in the PyClone Workspace, but this is not required.

Step Three – Save Defaults

If you want Blender to open up this way every time you start Blender you can save the user preferences by selecting the button in the bottom left corner and selecting Save Preferences.

Next go to File > Defaults > Save Startup File. This will save the user interface as default.

Step Four – Verify Everything is Working

Select the Home Builder Library then go to the Cabinets category, drag an item into the 3D viewport, and then left click to place it.

If you receive an error that looks like this, select Permanently allow execution of scripts checkbox, and then click Allow Execution.

The Home Builder library assets are parametric so they require python drivers to evaluate correctly.

What if it doesn’t work?

If you run into any issues you can use my discord server to ask questions, or you can use the github page to submit an issue.

Discord –

Github Issues Page-