Parametric asset libraries are very useful. They provide a fast way to layout scenes by dragging and dropping assets that can easily connect together and provide options to quickly update the look of the scene.

To show what parametric asset libraries are capable of I have created this demonstration of the Home Builder library that I am developing.

What is Home Builder?

Home Builder is a library that’s focus is to provide an intuitive way of creating interior spaces while also providing builders the engineering information they need to build the physical objects.

The first milestone is to complete all of the functionality to design the spaces. The second milestone is to provide a way of generating the manufacturing information for the products used in the scene. This will be provided as reports that can be generated in Blender and integrations with third party manufacturing platforms.

When will Home Builder be available?

I will be releasing an early version of the Home Builder library for 2.90 soon. It will be free and useable with a custom build of Blender 2.90.

Once the official asset manager is available in Blender I will migrate it to work with the default version of Blender, so it can be installed as a simple add-on. The release date of the official asset manager for Blender is not set yet, but it will likely be available in 2.92 or 2.93.

How can I help support development of the Home Builder Library?

There are many ways to support. The easiest way is to share the information with people who might find this type of library helpful, or give me feedback about your thoughts on the project.

I am putting together a way for individuals to help fund the development efforts by signing up to receive additional parametric assets, training videos, and a discord server to ask questions and receive personal support. This is not available yet. Please use the contact page if you are interested and I will send you information when it is available.