A new release of PyClone is available!

This version is built on Blender 2.92 which includes bunch of improvements to the standard Blender functionality. You can view the Blender release notes here.

Video Overview

PyClone Release Notes – New Features

Creation of New Assembly Library – A new library is included in the ToyBox library called the Assembly library. This was created to give users an easy way to save their own assemblies to the library. I have created a tutorial on how you would create a parametric cinder block wall and save it to this new library.

Make Assembly Static – This feature applies all of the drivers and modifiers on the assembly. You can either make the selected assembly static or click apply to all assemblies to update the entire scene. After an assembly is made static you can use all of the standard Blender commands to move, rotate, or scale. This can be very useful when trying to exporting to other platforms.

Assembly View Creation – This command automates the creation of 2D Layouts that can be used to print technical information about assemblies. After a layout is created there are various commands to add dimensions, title blocks, annotations, and different views for the assembly. This is a work in progress and will be getting additional updates in the upcoming releases.

Added ability to add drivers to shape keys – This release includes the ability to add drivers to shape keys. For the most part hooks are used to allow assemblies to be parametric but for more advanced functionality it is important to be able to use shape keys and drive the values to deform the mesh.

Allow Multiple Objects to be dropped with the object library – When dropping objects from the object library it would only drop one object, but it is common for there to be multiple objects in the asset. Now all objects will be loaded from the asset.

Added Home Builder Sidebar UI – There is a new sidebar for the Home Builder library that will allow you to access common properties and tools for the selected asset. For this first release only a few options were added, but in future releases a lot more commands will be added.

Improved Cabinet Placement – Some changes were made to the cabinet placement to allow cabinets snap to any mesh including archipack walls. Cabinets can also be placed on the back side of walls. The Z location will match the 3D cursors location to allow cabinets to be placed off the grid floor for multi level homes.

PyClone Release Notes – Bug Fixes

Fixed Issues with Saving Assets on MacOS – Saving assets on MacOS has been fixed, so if you had trouble with this in the past please try the new version.

Fixed Issue with default door frame tapering at bottom – The default entry door had a bug that caused the trim around the door to be tapered at the bottom. This was fixed to provide a better looking default door.

PyClone Latest Training Videos

Since the last release I focused a lot of my time working on training videos to help users learn how to create their own libraries. Here is the link to the training if you are interested.

Training Series – Extending the Home Builder Library