Using Blender and the Home Builder Add-on, you can design your own home remodel for free.

I will be using my own home remodel to teach you the process.

I live in a barn style home. On the first floor there is a large three car garage. So this is just a big open area and where my remodel is going to take place. The second floor contains the living space which has two bedrooms, one bath, and a kitchen.

The goal of my remodel is to add a recording studio, bathroom, kitchen, and guest room in the 3 car garage.

Why You Should Design Your Own Home Remodel?

Designing your own home remodel is not only fun, but also has many benefits.

Calculate Material Quantities and Price

If you have an accurately scaled model of your design you can easily get square footages of rooms for flooring. Wall lengths can be displayed to know how much material is required for framing, drywall, and paint.

Create the Perfect Design!

Visualizing the design in 3D gives you a much better understanding of what the final product will look like. This allows you to design your perfect remodel on the first try.

Overview of Steps

Get Wall Dimensions and Sketch the Room on a Piece of Paper

We are going to start by standing in our physical room, drawing a picture of the shape of the room, and getting dimensions of each of the walls.

After we have a drawing of our room we use the draw wall tool to create the room in 3D.

Design Your Home Remodel

Now that we have an accurately scaled model of our space we can start designing our remodel by adding additional walls, furniture, cabinets, and adjusting materials.

Before we start drawing additional walls, it’s helpful to use the grease pencil tool to sketch out different possibilities. This allows us to quickly iterate through different designs without taking the time to enter in exact dimensions.

After we create a design we like, we will use the draw wall tool to add the additional walls. Once we have the final design created, we will use the Home Builder decoration library to add furniture.

Create 2D Drawings and 3D Renderings

If you are using a contractor to build your remodel, they will appreciate having an accurately scaled plan view of the space with dimensions and annotations.

Using Blenders rendering and animation system, you can create 3D renderings and animated walk throughs of your design. Blender also supports VR, so if you have a headset you can take this a step further by physically walking through your design.

Let’s Get Started

You will be surprised how easy this process is. Home Builder was designed to be easy to use even if you have little to no experience using 3D software.

This article is just an overview of what to expect from this training series. Each part will break down every step in detail.

The first part will be released soon, so subscribe to the YouTube channel, and check back soon for more information.

Since the first part of the tutorial is not available yet, you can start by downloading the software and reviewing the information in this article.