PyClone is now built into Home Builder and this custom version is no longer necessary. You can install the Beta version of Home Builder 3 as a standard add-on to Blender. I will post download links soon.

The following information is here just incase anyone wants to use previous version.

PyClone is a custom build of Blender 2.93 which allows users to maintain and develop parametric asset libraries.

  • PyClone Version v0.5.2
  • Home Builder Library v0.5.2
  • ToyBox Library v0.3.0
  • Blender Version v2.93.5
  • Release Date September 27th 2021


Windows 64DOWNLOAD
MacOSNot Available
LinuxNot Available
I currently don’t have the ability maintain MacOS or Linux Builds. If you are familiar with building Blender for those systems you can find the source code here.

Available Libraries

Home Builder

This is an library that simplifies the process of creating interior architectural scenes.


This is a library that maintains Blenders Object, Collection, Material, and World Assets.

How to Support Development

You can support development by purchasing the Extended Asset Library for Home Builder, subscribing to my Patreon, providing feedback, or sharing this with anyone who might be interested.


I am currently developing content for my Patreon. I will be releasing information about it very soon.

Extended Asset Library

The extended asset library contains hundreds of additional assets that automatically loaded into the Home Builder Library.

More Information


Installing Blender with PyClone – This training article explains the best way to install Blender with PyClone. It is recommended to give it a quick read before downloading.

Introducing Home Builder – This training article and video gives you an overview of how home builder works.

Installing the Extended Asset Library – This training article explains how to download and install the Extended Asset Library for Home Builder.

Understanding PyClone Assemblies – Assemblies are the basic building blocks for all assets in the Home Builder Library. This training article gives you a general overview of Assemblies.

Creating your own Assets for Home Builder – This article will show you how to create your own parametric assets for Home Builder.

Kitchen Design Tutorial – This video shows you how to design a kitchen with the Home Builder Library.

Closet Design Tutorial – This video shows you how to design a closet with the Home Builder Library.

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