What is Home Builder?

Home Builder is an open-source asset library for Blender that focuses on the process of creating interior architectural spaces.

The library provides a wide variety of parametric assets and features to make designing interior spaces easy for beginners.

How to Install Home Builder

Home Builder is useable with a custom Build of Blender that includes PyClone. You can download the entire package here.

Once you download there are a few steps that should be followed to activate the library. You can find the instructions here.

What assets are available in Home Builder?


There are a variety of parametric appliances that can be used to design your scene. In the extended library pack you will find brand specific appliances that can be used.


A library of parametric cabinetry can be used to layout kitchen, bath, and closet spaces.

Doors and Windows

Doors and Windows can be easily placed and automatically cut holes in walls. There are various components that can be changed to create unique styles.


Walls can easily be placed in the scene. Since walls connect together it is easy to make adjustments to the size of your room at any time.

What Features are Available in Home Builder?

Intuitive Placement

Every Asset can easily be placed in the scene. Cabinets snap together, window and doors snap to walls, and some appliances are automatically placed in cabinets.

Product Prompts

Every asset has a prompt page that can be accessed in the right click menu. Prompts provide various controls to modify options for the assets.

Materials, Door Styles, and Hardware

Materials, Door Styles, and Hardware can easily be changed in the Library Interface. By changing a few properties you can quickly adjust the style of your entire project.

How can I support development?

If you want to support development you can purchase the extended asset library which gives you access to hundreds of additional assets, or you can sign up on my Patreon to get access to tutorials, additional assets, and support.

I am in the process of creating content for my Patreon. It will be available soon.

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