Blender 2.8 allows you to switch your workspace by selecting tabs along the top of the interface. Workspaces define how the user interface is laid out to provide the best layout for specific tasks.

Workspace Tabs

In this article I am going to explain the workspace that I do the majority of my work in while using Blender. I prefer this layout because it reduces clutter and maximizes the 3D workspace.

The 3D View Workspace

Rather than having my interface split into several different areas I only display the 3D View and include ways to access all of the information that I need right from this Workspace.

Blender 28 - 3D View Workspace

The Layout

The areas to access Blenders Tools and settings can be broken up into 4 different areas.

  1. The Main Top Bar
  2. The 3D View Header
  3. The Tool Bar (Left)
  4. The Side Panel (Right)

The rest of the article will explain the importance of each of these areas.

The Main Top Bar

The menus on the left of the Main Top Bar include common operations that you would expect to find in any application including the ability to open, save, and access help.

Render Settings

Since the properties panel is not displayed it is also important to display the render menu which not only allows you the ability to click the render command, but also access all of the common rendering settings which have been included in a pop over menu.

The scene selection and view layer selection controls have been moved to the side bar because in my workflow I don’t changes these enough to need to have them always displayed, and there are other settings that I prefer to view when working with scenes and view layers.

Scene and View Controls

The 3D View Header


The menus on the left and center are very close to Blenders current default.

Right Pop OversThe controls on the right allow you to change how the 3D view is displayed. The Viewport Options allow you to access the overlay options and other important view options.

The Shading Options allow you to access the shading options based on your render mode and active rendering engine. Since the properties panel is not displayed it is nice to access rendering settings for Eevee.

The Toolbar

Active Tool BarI really like the idea of the active tool, but this needs a bit more work.

I will create an article on my development plans for this once documentation on how to develop active tools has been released.


The Sidebar

I heavily rely on 3D View sidebar to have all of the important properties that I need to access on a regular basis, so I moved the view and 3d cursor panel to the viewport options panel.

I have also removed Grease Pencil Panel. This might come back once it is merged, but i think with all of the improvements an entire workspace will be dedicated to 2D Drawing.

The 3D View Sidebar

Once the official Python API for 2.8 has been released I will develop these panels, they will work similar to the tabs that are available 2.79 Blender Pro Application Template. You can find more information about these here.

Blender Pro Improving Blenders Interface for 2.8

Where is the code

I made some simple changes to the python scripts, but since the Python API is not available yet i haven’t done much coding.

If you want to try out these changes or see exactly what has changed in the code then replace the scripts directory with the code found in this repository.

Final Thoughts

I am still making some adjustments to the workspace. This is just the starting point.

As 2.8 continues to be developed I am going to be releasing some more articles and videos that go into more details on how I have the workspace configured

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