With the Release of Blender 2.80 available it’s time to start customizing Blender to suit my workflow and create some tools to help streamline my upcoming projects.

I am going to do this by creating a couple of add-ons and eventually an Application Template to provide me with an optimal way of using Blender.

The Pro SideBar Add-on


This is an add-on that optimizes the interface to allow me to do most of my work in the 3D view. The main concept is to move all of the information from the properties and outliner to the 3D View Sidebar. 

I prefer to use this space because it is easy to access and dismiss the interface with the “N” Key and I can layout the interface in a way that makes the most sense to me.

I will create an article and video soon with more information about this add-on.

The Interface Splitter Add-on


This add-on is very simple and allows me to quickly split the interface and display different Blender Spaces.

The flexibility that Blender has when it comes to customizing the interface is great, but I find that my workflow is best when I only have at most two or three spaces displayed. 

Choosing an interface space from a simple drop down and having the interface split in a predefined way helps keep my interface clean and consistent.

The Assembly Builder Add-on

Assembly Builder.png

This is going to help with the process of creating parametric assets. Which will basically automate and simplify the process of working with drivers and modifiers. 

I’m still planning how I want this to work, but I will be releasing more information as I get further along with development.

What will I use these Add-ons for?

I have plans to renovate my house so developing tools and using existing add-ons to help me with the design process will be my primary focus. 

BPInterface HousePlan.png

One of the biggest goals I have is to design and build a recording studio in my garage. So I’ll be using Add-ons like Archipack to help with the layout, I’ll be using my asset management system to help with the aesthetic and functional design of the space, and I’ll even be using the assembly builder add-on to help me plan how I am going to frame the walls and build the physical structures. 


I’ll be posting any helpful information that I come across and I’ll provide any tools that I develop for free to hopefully help anyone trying to accomplish something similar.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to reach out. Thanks!