This add-on allows you to select a space type from a menu to quickly split the Blender interface in a predefined way.

It was developed to help keep my interface clean and consistent, and works well with another add-on I am working on called Pro Sidebar.

Since I typically work in the 3D Viewport I find it helpful to keep the 3D Viewport full screen then have quick access to the other spaces I occasionally use with the Interface Splitter Menu.


You can install the add-on by using the ‘Install Add-on’ button in the user preferences. Then selecting the zip folder you download from this link.

Customizing the Menu

In the add-on preferences you can define your own menu by selecting the checkbox ‘Use Custom Menu’.

Once the option is turned on you will have access to add new menu items.

As you add new menu items the List Box below will be populated. The item that you have selected will display properties about that item to the right.

Properties for a menu item
  • Is Separator – This allows you to add separator lines to the menu to separate the menu items
  • Name – This is the name that will appear in the menu
  • Space – This is the view that will be opened when you select the item from the menu.
  • Split Direction – This determines how the space will be split.
  • Split Factor – This determines how much to split the current interface.
  • Use Custom Icon – This allows you to specify a different icon. Blender ships with different icons. These can be found in an add-on called. “Icon Viewer”. With that add-on enabled in the preferences you can select the Icon Viewer Button to see a list of all of the icons. If you select one of these icons the name of the icon will be copied to your clip board you can use ctrl + V to paste it into the “Icon Name” field.
  • Icon Name – The name of the custom icon to be used.

Future Development

I plan on maintaining this add-on for all future releases of Blender, so check back for updates