The Blender Pro Application Template allows you to maintain a library of objects, groups, and materials. Saving assets to your library for future use not only saves you time during the design process, but also allows you to keep your focus on the creative process.

This article will show you how to use the library management tools.

Blender Pro doesn’t currently come with an sample library, but you can easily save your own assets to the library.

The Library Menu

The library is located on the tool shelf in the 3D viewport. The objects, groups, and materials are separated into their own tabs.


Each library has a drop down menu that allows you to run several commands

Library Menu

  • Save to Library – This saves the currently selected asset to the library. (This saves the asset that selected in the list view. Not the 3D view)
  • Open Browser Window – This open the location to where the assets are stored with your operating systems file browser system.
  • Create New Folder – This will create a new category in the library.
  • Change Library Path – This will open a file browser and allow you to set the path to where the library is pointing to.

Browsing the Library

When you click the Object, Group, or Material Library Button. You will be provided a dialog box that displays your available assets.

Group Library 2

At the top of the dialog box you can select the category of assets that you want to view. If you click the thumbnail you will be provided with a list of all of the available assets in that category.

Placement of the Assets

To add an asset to the scene select the OK button at the bottom of the dialog box.

Depending on the asset that you are trying to place you are provided an automated way to add the asset to the scene.

  • Object Library – When adding an object to the scene the object base point will snap to the point on the grid floor or mesh that your cursor is on. To place the object click the Left Mouse Button
  • Group Library – When adding a group to the scene the groups parent object will snap to the grid floor or mesh that your cursor is on. If there are multiple parent objects they will all be placed at the same location, so it is good to have a master parent object in the object hierarchy. To place the group click the Left Mouse Button.
  • Material Library – Materials are placed on objects, so when adding a material to the scene click on the object that you want to assign it to. If there are no UV maps then one will automatically be created. If there are multiple material slots then you will be provided a dialog box to select what slot to want to add it to. Click the Assign Button next to the slot you want to assign the material to.Assign Material Dialog

The Future of Blender Library Data

A new Library Management System is currently being developed for 2.8, so we will have a lot more improvements coming soon. Follow the Blender 2.8 Development for more information.